Work Accident Claims

One important consideration before you read on: if you have had an accident at work and you are self employed you will not be covered for personal injury compensation in most cases. Call us for a free initial enquiry if you are confused about your rights as a self employed worker.

Accidents at work can be a minor hassle, they can be life changing or in serious cases they can even result in fatalities. For this reason Roskell Davies provide strong support for individuals requiring legal advice following an accident at work or for the families claiming for compensation on behalf of a loved one. Our team provide a specialist work accident claims service so you can receive the compensation you require and deserve. Many people who have suffered work injuries find that compensation is one step towards allowing them to move on from their work accident positively.

Commonly, work accidents are due to a failure of health and safety. Following an accident the situation in which the accident occurred will usually be assessed by external parties and the cause of the accident and who is at fault in the accident will be determined. Roskell Davies can be by your side throughout all of this and will ensure you understand every bit of the process you are going through. If it is determined the employer’s negligence led to the accident this will give you strong grounds to pursue a successful work accident compensation claim with us.

Employers have a ‘duty of care’ towards their employees to ensure the workplace they are in is as safe as possible. This involves specific duties such as: providing employees with appropriate safety equipment, providing health and safety training to employees and ensuring that equipment is regularly checked and serviced. If your employer has failed to fulfil their ‘duty of care’ you may be able to make a work injury claim.

Common Accident at Work Claims

– Slip or trip
– Manual handling injuries
– Repetitive strain injuries
– Work vehicle collisions

Whether you have been involved in one of the accidents listed above or would like to discuss another form of work accident claim, get in touch with our team today. Until you talk through your situation with Roskell’s personal injury lawyer it is unlikely you will know exactly where you stand in the eyes of the law. We will let you know your legal rights and will give you the advice you need. However, making an enquiry with us does not mean you are obligated to continue your work accident claim with us.

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