Birmingham Road Accident Claims

Compared to the roads in other countries, the UK has fairly safe roads. However, errors are made and accidents happen. According to government statistics, in 2012 the number of people killed or seriously injured on UK road rose by 2 per cent. In 2011 this figure was 24,473 and in 2012 it was 24,860. However, the number of fatal accidents which occurred on the UK’s motorways fell. Clearly then, thousands of people are involved in accident on the roads each year and these figures only apply to the individuals who have been involved in serious accidents. Minor accidents can also cause injuries and most commonly, whiplash.

Roskell Davies provides legal support to individuals involved in any kind of road accident, suffering any kind of injury. If you are unsure as to your legal position following an accident, we are here to help you. Generally speaking, if the accident which occurred was not your fault, you should be able to claim for compensation from the faulty third party.

Birmingham Road Accident Claim Types

Common personal injury claims following road accidents include:

–          Whiplash

–          Head injuries

–          Spinal injuries

–          Psychological injuries

–          Fractures

–          Amputations

–          Fatal injury

Car Accidents

Having a collision in a car can be physically and psychologically damaging, sometimes resulting in fear of driving, trouble sleeping and more. Therefore, you need the best medical and legal support available following a car accident to ensure you return to full health. Roskell Davies can provide you with specialist personal injury legal advice. If you are suffering from physical and psychological injuries following a car accident, receiving a personal injury settlement is one of the steps you can take to moving on from the incident.  A claim should provide you with the appropriate financial compensation to cover any care costs, loss of earnings and any costs of ongoing changes you will need to make to your home to cope with your injuries.

Birmingham whiplash claims

Motorbike Accidents

Riding a motorbike is dangerous. Partially this is due to the negligence of other road users. Most motorcycle accidents occur due to a lack of observation. Often this occurs at junctions, with cars, buses, lorries and other vehicles commonly pulling out in front of a motorcyclist or turning into a motorcyclist after failing to see them. If you, or a loved one has had a motorcycle accident which was not your fault, Roskell Davies can help you claim for personal injury compensation. It is possible to claim on behalf of a loved one if their injuries have left them unable to claim for themselves. This includes situations in which the motorcyclist passed away following the accident.

Other vehicle accidents

Cars and motorbikes are not the only vehicles on the road. Roskell Davies can also help you with a wide variety of other accidents. Buses to lorries, vans to tractors, we can give you the legal advice you need. In the past we have specifically helped clients settle claims involving vehicles such as Heavy Goods Vehicles and bicycles.

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