Other Accident Injury Claims

Roskell Davies can support you with a wide variety of accident injury claims, whatever accident type you have been involved in. Do not be concerned if the accident that you have had is not included in our list below. This does not mean you cannot get the accident compensation you deserve; the list is by no means comprehensive but merely a quick overview of a few common alternative accident injury claim types.

Holiday accident compensation: Having an accident abroad invariably ruins your holiday. If you have had an accident which was the fault of a hotel, a tour operator, a restaurant or another third party whilst you were abroad we may be able to help you make a claim against the negligent party.

Bicycle accident claims: Bicycles can be dangerous and sadly cyclists are often involved in accidents which are not their fault, commonly due to motorists not being observant enough whilst at junctions. Roskell Davies can support you through you bicycle accident claim.

Criminal Injury claims: It is possible to claim for personal injury compensation if you have been the victim of a crime such as assault.

Product liability:
Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe. If you have been injured by a product you may be able to make a product liability claim on the basis of the following four negligent actions – a manufacturing fault, a design fault, failure to issue a product recall or failure to provide adequate warnings/instructions.

Animal injury: People who own animals have a responsibility to keep them under control, they also have a legal responsibility to not be in possession of animals which are banned by law, such as dogs with are banned under dangerous dog laws. If you have been attacked by an animal and it was not your fault, give us a call.

Fatal injury: If a loved one has passed away due to an accident talk to Roskell Davies to receive the legal support you need to make a claim on their behalf. We will offer you a understanding and listening ear coupled with specialist legal knowledge to help you at this difficult time.

Military injury: Working for any of the armed forces naturally carries a high personal risk with it. However, you should not be subject to risks such as, not being in possession of the correct equipment or ill executed health and safety procedures. Military injury is a complex form of personal injury claim so let us talk you through your legal rights.

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