Industrial Disease Compensation

Have you contracted a disease due to your employment? Roskell Davies is here for you. We represent individuals whose employment has affected them in a detrimental way. We will provide you legal support whether you have contracted a long term disease, a disease which has prevented you from continuing in your current job role and if you have been injured in the work place.

Before you read on: if you are self employed you cannot make an industrial disease claim.

For many people, the employment they engage in is their way of life, their livelihood and they may not have the option to pursue a different career. Some jobs can have negative side effects and these must be actively reduced by employers to the minimum they can be. Employers are legally obliged to provide their employees with a safe environment to work in and this involves providing employees with health and safety training and safety equipment. Providing employees with the appropriate equipment and training should reduce the risk of an employee contracting an industrial disease.

If your employer has failed to provide you with appropriate health and safety training or did not provide you with protective equipment for your job, you may be able to enter into a successful negligence claim against your employer with our help. Roskell Davies will provide you the support you need to prove that your employer should have done more to prevent you contracting the industrial disease you are now suffering from. Your compensation amount will be calculated taking into account the severity of your injury, any loss of earning which resulted from your injury, the costs of care, the costs of medical treatment and the costs of any adaptations you have had to make to your home due to living with the disease.

industrial disease claims

Common Industrial Disease Claims

– Asthma
– Deafness
– Emphysema
– Asbestos related diseases
– Osteoarthritis
– Tendon damage
– Central Nervous System toxicity
– Primary carcinoma of the lung

These are only a small cross section of claims which are made and of the diseases which can be contracted as a direct result of employment. If you are looking to pursue an asbestos compensation claim or another form of industrial disease claim, call Roskell Davies solicitors today.

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