What Is ADR?

ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution. The term applies to types of dispute resolution which are used as alternatives to going to court and engaging in traditional litigation. Some of the most commonly used ADR techniques are mediation and arbitration. ADR carries its pros and carries its cons. So should you use ADR or traditional litigation to deal with resolving your dispute?


–          It can be cheaper to engage in ADR than litigation in some cases. It should be noted that it is not the case for all disputes though. The reason ADR is often cheaper is due to the length of time it commonly takes being substantially shorter than litigation. However, in difficult situations, or in situations in which the decision made following negotiations is disputed by one of the parties, traditional litigation will have to be pursued on top of the cost of ADR.

–          If you agree to take part in an arbitration process this will be entirely private. This is why arbitration is most commonly used for the settling of high profile business disputes. Arbitration is also becoming more frequently used for the settling of high profile divorce cases.


–          ADR may not be right for you. Complex disputes may be better resolved by going straight to court to save the time and money of engaging in complex negotiations which lead nowhere.

–          Arbitration requires both parties to agree to its use before it can be implicated. If the individual or company you are engaged in a dispute with does not wish to engage in arbitration you will not be able to go any further with the process. This agreement must either be written into a previously signed contract or must be agreed to at the time of the dispute.

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