Driving uninsured is an offence in UK law. This is because if you have a crash uninsured, you will have no cover against third party damage. Therefore, if you have a collision uninsured you will be prosecuted by the police. You run the risk of also being investigated for all other compulsory documentation such as valid road tax and an up to date MOT. It is possible that you will also be fined for any other lacking documentation if there is any. The police are completely within their rights to investigate you in this way.

Motor insurance is your responsibility as an owner of vehicle to ensure that yourself and anyone else who use it has valid motor insurance. Even if someone has lied to you about motor insurance and you have allowed them to drive on the basis of this information, this will not hold up in court. You must see a person’s insurance certificate before letting them drive. It is also not the responsibility of the insurers to tell you when your insurance is due for renewal. In all circumstances, if your car is being driven uninsured you will be responsible. Police conduct random checks on cars, particularly late at night. By scanning your number plate they will be able to find out whether or not a car is insured.

If you are pulled over for driving without insurance, the penalty will depend on the conviction. If it is your first conviction you are likely to get 6 points on your licence. For drivers who have been driving for less than two years this will equate to an immediate revocation of their driving licence. You will also receive a fine, this can vary depending on whether it is you your driving without insurance or you have allowed someone else to drive your vehicle uninsured. The fines are often an average of £200. This can be dependent on the police force issuing the fine. If you are a repeat offender you will be treated much more harshly by the law and will most likely receive all of the above and a driving ban ranging from a month to years.

To add to this, the police had rights to remove your car from your possession if you are driving it uninsured. They can also dispose of your vehicle if you do not produce the relevant documents proving you are insured within two weeks of the impounding. Not only this, you will also likely incur charges for the storage of the vehicle and the cost of towing the vehicle to the location it is to be stored in.

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