Your Will is one of the most important documents you will ever draft. This is because is you make an error in your Will you could leave a loved one without provision after you are gone or may accidently render your Will invalid in which case your estate will be distributed via the laws of intestacy rather than via your last requests.

Certain information and requests are regularly included within a Will and it should be ensured that all necessary information and requests are included. In some cases whether or not a request is included will be dependent upon your personal situation. If you are unsure about what to include in your Will, contact a specialist Wills lawyer.

Vital Information To Include In Your Will

1. Personal information – it must be clear that the Will is your own. If you do not include information identifying the Will as your there is always the possibility that someone may contest that the Will was written by yourself. Your Will must be signed by yourself or it will be invalid.

2. Nominate an executor – an executor is the individual who deals with distributing your estate in line with the requests in your Will once you are gone. You should talk to the individual whom you wish to fulfil the role of executor to see whether they are happy to take on this responsibility. An executor may be a family member, a solicitor or someone else whom you trust.

3. Name beneficiaries – your Will is your chance to distribute your estate to your loved ones. If you want to leave people certain items and certain amounts of money, ensure that all of the requests you have for who should receive what are included in the Will. In most cases you should talk to a lawyer about the drafting of your Will, but particularly so if you have complicated requests or are excluding anyone from benefitting from your estate.

Information You May Need To Include In Your Will

1. Settling of debts and bills – if you have any outstanding debts or bills you should include a clause in your Will that ensures that they are paid of prior to the distribution of the rest of your estate.

2. Guardians for your children – for parents, ensuring your children will be looked after should you pass away will be at the forefront of your mind. Your Will is your chance to ensure that they are cared for by an individual – a guardian – whom you trust to raise your children.

3. Revoke previous Wills – if you have written any Wills before your Will must contain a clause making it clear that the current Will replaces any previous versions.

4. Provision for your pets – you may wish for your pets to go and live with a loved on if you pass away, include this request in your Will should this apply to you.

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