Selling your house can be difficult at the best of times, but in an extremely slow moving property market such as the current one, it is even harder. So tick the right boxes and you may be able to get your property sold more quickly than you think.

When a new property comes on to the market, that it when it generates the most interest. Therefore you should be completely ready for the first week and make sure you are really showing your property off from day one. There is no point putting your property on the market with bad promotional material. There is also no point putting your property on the market with it looking a complete mess, this will not attract buyers. So make sure you do the following:

Tidy! Remove clutter, remove junk – make sure it is clean and well presented for every viewing

Take good quality promotional images – or if your estate agent is doing this, make sure you are happy with the photos being used and how they are being used. Work with your estate agent with regards to advertising and talk through promotion with them. Promotion is one of the keys to selling. Good promotion equals good first impression and many good first impressions lead to viewings.

Spruce it up! If a lick of paint or a quick mow of the lawn is needed, get it done. Do not invest too much in doing up your property for a sale but do invest some time and money in it if it needs it. It could make all the difference to the speed of your sale.

When it comes to viewings, try and be as flexible as possible. There are fewer buyers out there as fewer mortgages are available, and many people have been struggling financially due to the recession. Therefore make the most of every single person who approaches you. If you cannot fit viewings in potential buyers may lose interest due to inconvenience. Do not let this happen.

Next up, price is very important. Get a few valuations done by different estate agents so you can get a non-biased opinion about pricings. Compare and contrast with other similar properties in the area. You can be tactical, for example, putting your house on slightly cheaper than other homes for sale in the vicinity can speed up a sale. Do not sell yourself short, though it is vital to not price too highly. Overpricing will only lead to no sale.

Finally if you desperately need to sell your house in a hurry, and have tried all of the above, you could sell your house at auction. Prices are generally a little lower but it is a very rapid way to sell.

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