Sometimes a situation may arise in the workplace that makes you feel unsafe or causes you to have an accident. At times like this the natural question that comes to mind is does my employer have a responsibility for my safety? The answer is yes; to a large extent, when you are in your place of work your employer has a responsibility to ensure that you are safe. As an employee you also have a responsibility to adhere to any health and safety procedures that have been put in place but a large amount of responsibility for your workplace safety does lie with your employer.

Health and safety is a legal responsibility and if your employer is failing to fulfil the proper requirements they are putting yourself and your fellow employees at risk. Should you have concerns about your safety in the workplace do not be afraid to mention them to your employer. In most cases your employer will do all they can to rectify the situation. However, if a workplace accident occurs as a result of your employer’s negligence you have the legal right to sue them for personal injury compensation.

What Is My Employer Responsible For?

Your employer is responsible for any aspect of your safety that can be controlled or you can receive training for. For example, if a risk can be removed or reduced they must take appropriate action. If a risk cannot be removed they must teach you how to deal with it properly via training. An employer must do everything within their power to ensure their employees are safe in the workplace.

This is health and safety management in the workplace and your employer must ensure that it is properly carried out. One aspect of proper management is risk assessment – where risks are identified and a plan is made for how best to deal with them. Via your health and safety training you should be made aware of the hazardous aspects of your workplace, and how to deal with them on a daily basis. Your employer must provide you with safety equipment/clothing if it is needed.

What If My Employer Is Not Fulfilling Their Responsibilities?

If you have not received adequate health and safety training, the workplace is unsafe or you have not been provided with appropriate safety equipment your employer is likely to not be fulfilling their responsibilities. Accidents in the workplace do happen but by adhering to health and safety regulations your employer ensures these are kept to a minimum. Should your employer not be adhering to health and safety regulations they may be increasing the risk of you having an accident at work and will be liable should you do so.

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