In England, whether or not you are required to pay your care home fees yourself depends on whether you….. If you are eligible for help you may be able to receive funding from the NHS or from your local council to help you cover the costs of care.

Sometimes, requiring care is unavoidable as things become less manageable in your own home. When this happens you may find you can cope with a carer visiting you in your own home once a week to do the jobs you can’t quite manage alone, or you may need a carer to visit you every day to help you get up and ready in the mornings, and adaptations may need to be made to your house or you may feel it is most appropriate that you move into sheltered accommodation or a care home. This assessment of your needs can be made with the help of your local council. Either you or a loved one can visit the potential care homes you could move to in your area so you can be certain that you will be happy and feel at home wherever you end up living.

How Much Do I Pay?

Each local council is given guidelines by the government – Charging for Residential Accomodation (CRAG) guidelines to be precise. These are used to assess the proportion of your fees that you will need to pay. A financial assessment must be completed by yourself or by an individual acting on your behalf under power of attorney. This will take into account all your savings and capital. Current boundaries are as follows:

Less than £14,250: you will not have to contribute any of your savings and capital to your care costs but you will have to contribute most of your weekly income.

Between £14, 250 and £23,250: you will have to contribute a proportion of your savings towards the costs of care – £1 for every £250. This is called ‘tariff income.’ You will also have to contribute most of weekly income.

Over £23, 250: you will have to pay all of your care fees.

If you have a high weekly income which covers care fees and an allowance for personal items, you will have to pay your care fees regardless of your savings.

What If I’ve Paid The Incorrect Amount?

If you have been overcharged for your care, you have until 31st March 2013 to make a claim for a refund from your local Primary Care Trust. Contact a specialist solicitor to recover your care home fees today, don’t miss out.

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