Divorce is upsetting, divorce is cathartic, divorce is complicated: however you see your divorce, there is one thing which everyone will have to deal with. Divorce can be expensive. It does not always need to be expensive at all, but sometimes it is, especially if you need to go to court or your settlement becomes complex. Finally, divorce can become expensive if you do not instruct a reputable lawyer – as one individual found out to her detriment when a legal firm attempted to charge her £4,000 for photocopying costs and attempted to disguise this horrendous overcharge in a sea of incomprehensible legal jargon.

The lady who was subject to this hidden charge was footed a bill of which was over budget by £15,000 for her divorce by a rogue firm who encouraged her to take out a loan to cover the legal costs. She was charged the extra £15,000 for legal work which she did not wish the team acting for her to commence.

Initially she could not afford the cost of the firm’s work, a firm which had a good reputation within her area, and she borrowed money to initially cover legal costs. When the costs began to over step the amount she could afford she asked the firm to stop working for her as she could no longer afford their services.
Divorce should not be this emotionally taxing on the legal side of things. Divorce is emotionally taxing enough without the lawyers who are meant to be acting on your behalf acting in an untrustworthy way. If you have experienced anything of this type you have every right to complain and should contact the legal ombudsman as soon as possible.

A simple divorce should not be expensive. To simply pay for the paperwork needed to finalise a divorce, the cost should be in the region of £1000, including a solicitor’s fee for helping you with the paperwork. However, if you do not wish to instruct a solicitor, the cost could be less than this. If you need to involve a solicitor in any way, costs will begin to rise. If you cannot come to a come to conclusion about how to divide your property between the two of you, you will have to contact a specialist divorce lawyer. Your cheapest option will be to opt for mediation. Mediation is generally less time consuming than traditional litigation and is therefore cheaper. If mediation does not work for you, you will need to go to court and this will incur much larger costs per person. Taking a divorce case to court can cost thousands of pounds per person.

The moral of the story then is this, make sure you instruct a reputable firm and make sure all costs are completely transparent before you begin legal proceedings. Ensure you talk to the firm in depth about every eventuality; particularly consider what will happen if your divorce takes a lot longer than expected. Take on a fee agreement appropriate for you, be this an hour rate, fixed fee or other.

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