Sharing a house is not always easy, and sometimes you may find living with the other people in your home quite difficult. At other times, your housemates may even find living with you quite difficult. So what do you do in these situations? How is it best to resolve a problem with your housemates?


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Part of how best to resolve a problem will depend on the size of the problem that you have. If the problem is simply down to differences of opinion – a discussion between the parties involved would be more appropriate than involving your landlord or the council in personal matters.  Sometimes sitting down and talking things through in a calm way, letting everyone have a chance to say their part, is all that is needed to move on from your problems. However, if a personal issue is getting between you and your housemates living happily together, it may be advisable to move out and go your separate ways. Moving out may mean that you need to find someone to take on your tenancy. This can be quite simple with sites such as and available to help you advertise and find rooms in shared accommodation. Alternatively, to avoid this hassle, you may wish to stay until the end of your tenancy and then move.

If you have a larger problem – such as a housemate failing to pay their rent – you may need to involve your landlord or the council. In situations with serious problems such as this, you must be aware that the landlord may be able to end your tenancy. This will depend upon the type of tenancy agreement that you have – if your tenancy agreement is in the name of the offending party, the agreement may be able to be terminated due to their behaviour. If the tenancy agreement is a shared or joint tenancy – this may also be able to be terminated due to their behaviour. How or if your landlord decides to deal with the problem will be dependent on what the issue is and on the terms of your tenancy agreement. You may find that your landlord cannot help you.

In serious cases the police or the council may have to be your port of call. In situations in which you have been threatened or violence has been used against you – you have the protection of the law. Get in touch with a lawyer today if you are involved in a dispute with your housemate that has gone too far.

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