When you are living in rented accommodation, most of time you and your landlord will not encounter any issues. However, if you do, and you cannot resolve them between the two of you, you may need legal help. Often, disputes between a tenant and a landlord can be very specific to the situation. There are some broad categories of disputes which do occur regularly though. You may find that your dispute fits neatly into one of these explanations, or you may not – but whichever is the case, contact a specialist dispute lawyer today to properly ascertain where you stand in the eyes of the law.

Rent disputes

In any dispute over rent the first thing you must be sure to remember is that it is very much ill advised to withhold rent from your landlord. If you do not pay your rent you could face eviction from the property. Therefore it is best to continue paying your rent in full until the dispute is resolved. If you believe that you are paying too much for your rent it is possible to get this assessed. An independent ‘rent assessment committee’ can calculate the amount that you should reasonably be paying. Information regarding this is readily available from the government’s website. For any further legal advice regarding rent disputes, contact a lawyer today.

Building disrepair disputes

Your landlord has a responsibility ensure that certain parts of your property are in good repair. All of the external features of the property must be kept in good repair by your landlord – this includes things such as the roof and the windows. The landlord is entirely responsible for ensuring the structure of the property is safe. The electrics, gas and plumbing are also the responsibility of your landlord. As a tenant, you are likely to be responsible for general repairs within the property – if you have caused the damage yourself. General household chores, like cleaning or changing a light bulb, will also be your responsibility unless your tenancy agreement states otherwise. If your landlord is refusing to complete repairs on the property, it is possible to get a court order stating the repairs they must make and a deadline as to when.

Deposit disputes

Most landlords will be holding your deposit in a deposit protection scheme. If your landlord is threatening to take away part of your deposit that you are unhappy with you should contact this deposit protection scheme immediately. If a dispute is occurring the scheme will not release the money until the dispute has been resolved. Many deposit schemes have mediation services provided by them to help at times in which dispute resolution is required. Again, contact a solicitor if you are concerned that part of your deposit has been unfairly or illegally withheld.

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