There are two things which can mean you receive help with the costs of care in England. Firstly, the amount of savings you have and secondly, whether you are in a care home due to a medical reason.

1. Help with covering care home costs due to the amount of income and savings you have

If you are applying for help with care home fees from your local authority, this will be means tested. Most people will have to pay something towards their care fees and the more income and savings you have the less help you will be able to receive. However, the criteria will be different if care is being assessed and provided to you via the NHS or social services.

First of all your local authority will assess your needs. Different care will be provided for you depending on these needs, for example you may need to be in temporary care or you may need to be in permanent care. You will then have to provide information for a means test. Any individual who is in permanent care and has equal to or over £23,250 worth of savings will not receive any help with the cost of their care until the capital they own drops below this amount.

People with capital of over £23,250 are assessed as being able to cover cost of a ‘standard rate’ for care as set by the government’s Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG). Individuals with capital between £14,250 and £23,250 must make some contribution from their savings and income but will receive some help with paying their fees. Individuals with less that £14,250 will not have to contribute their savings but will have to contribute part of their weekly income. People in this bracket receive the most help available.

2. Help with covering care home costs due to your medical condition

If you are assessed as needing permanent ongoing care due to a ‘primary health need’ you the NHS can cover the cost of your care. This is not always known and many people are unnecessarily paying care fees. Not only can the NHS cover the cost of your care for the future you can also receive a backdated refund for the amount you have spent on care between 1st April 2011 and March 31st 2012. Fees paid before this time can no longer be refunded. The deadline for refunds is March 31st 2013. If you think you may be eligible for a refund you must contact a solicitor urgently and enter into the claims process today.

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