If you have had an accident at work you are likely to be a little shaken up, it may have simply knocked your confidence or you may be seriously injured and unable to work. First things first you must get medical attention. Either visit a first aider at work or visit a GP/hospital. Your health is of the most paramount importance and must be attended to first.

Following Your Accident

1. Seek medical assistance for your injuries

2. The accident book: all businesses have an accident book and your injury must be recorded in it by law. Make sure your injury is recorded in your firm’s accident records but also ensure that before you sign anything you are completely happy with what has been reported. If you decide to make a personal injury claim this entry will be looked at. Equally important is that the injury and any treatment you received outside of the workplace is put onto your medical records, be this treatment at a hospital or at a GP surgery.

3. Keep records: keep note of your injuries and how they progress over time and also keep financial records of everything you have lost due to the injury, be this financial losses incurred from treatments you have had to pay for to financial losses incurred due to loss of earnings.

4. Consider claiming: If you have been involved in an accident at work which was not your fault but due to the negligence of a third party, you should consider making a personal injury claim. Do not worry yourself over your employer’s reaction to this claim as businesses are insured to deal with issues such as these. Also if your injury has highlighted a problem area which could adversely affect other employees the way it has you, it will ensure the issue is solved so no one else has to suffer as you have.

Making A Claim

Making a personal injury claim is simple. You have 3 years from the date of the incident to make a claim. It is advisable to make the claim as soon as you feel fit as you will have the freshest account of what happened in your mind and your injuries will be at their most prominent.

Contact a specialist personal injury solicitor to find out whether you have basis for a viable claim. They will be able to give you a straight answer about whether or not it is sensible to put forward a claim within minutes. Call Roskell Davies on 0800 142 2901 or fill in an online enquiry for a completely free initial consultation.

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