Landlord and Tenant

If you are a landlord, or if you are a tenant, there may be situations which arise in which you have a disagreement. Before engaging in litigation, it is advisable to try to solve the dispute between yourselves. In many situations simply speaking to your landlord or tenant about your concerns may address the issue. If this fails, send them a written explanation of the problem in the form of a letter and keep a copy of all correspondence. Often having a problem put into writing will make the individual realise the issue is serious and prompt resolution. Non-legal resolution will save you trouble, time and money. But there are many situations where the situation has progressed to a level where this is no longer possible – Roskell Davies is here for you in these situations.

Do not despair. Tenants have legal rights and landlords have legal rights. It is likely that with legal intervention a dispute which previously seemed unsolvable will now rapidly disappear. Roskell Davies will ensure that your legal rights are protected at all times and that the most appropriate form of litigation is pursued to ensure a rapid settlement.

Common Landlord and Tenant Disputes

– Deposit disputes
– Housing disrepair disputes
– Rent issues
– Antisocial behaviour
– Eviction
– Tenancy agreement disputes

How Can We Help?

Quite simply – we can help you resolve your dispute. If you are involved in any of the above disputes, or if you feel your legal rights are being violated in any other way, we can provide you with expert legal advice and representation. Every dispute is different and our experienced team will be able to let you know the position you are in following a quick consultation. Simply get in touch and have a chat with us today.

The amount of protection you have from the law is partly dependent on the type of tenancy agreement in place and partly upon the type of landlord you have/are. For example, if a tenant has a live in landlord, their landlord has more power to evict them as they are living in their home.

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During all landlord and tenant disputes there will be two common concerns – for tenants this will be “Am I going to lose my home?” and for landlords this will be “How much money am I going to lose?” – Therefore, emotions will be running high. Getting one of our lawyers in to help you will give a impartial view on the situation, and a quick remedy for you dispute.

All initial enquiries are offered completely free of charge and offer no obligation to continue. Simply give us a call for free on 0800 142 2901 or fill in an Online Enquiry.