Building Disputes

Building disputes can affect private homeowners and they can affect businesses. Roskell Davies can provide specialist legal support for you whatever your building dispute. We understand that you will wish to settle your dispute rapidly to avoid substantial financial loss regarding the matter. Therefore, our team will provide you with a rapid legal advice to ensure your rights are protected and the dispute is resolved.

Types of Building Dispute

Building work does not always go as smoothly as you would have hoped. Some common types of building dispute:-

–          Payment disputes: We can help you if an individual you have been contracted by does not wish to pay you; we can also help if you do not wish to pay for work which you believe to be substandard, or if you believe you may be being overcharged for building work.

–          Contract disputes: Contract dispute may arise over deadlines and other failures to comply with the original contractual agreement.

–          Issues with quality: Should you experience problems due to defective workmanship, you are likely to want compensation and we can help you with this.

–          Liability disputes: When problems arise regarding building work, people can be quick to blame others for the errors. Roskell Davies can help apportion liability between construction professionals and ensure the error is corrected by the liable party.

Disputes do not always fit neatly into these categories, but our team has years of legal experience and should be able to help you, whatever your situation. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

Resolving Building Disputes

You may be wishing to avoid litigation. If so, firstly attempt to negotiate the matter face to face in a neutral environment. Try and allow everyone to have a chance to talk and have their opinion heard. Possibly have an individual who is not involved in the situation present to act as a mediator for the discussion. However, you may find the issue is simply a misunderstanding which will be resolved as soon as the matter is highlighted to your tradesman. Hopefully you will be able to reach a mutually accepted conclusion this way. If this fails, address the issue in writing. Often putting a problem into writing will make the individuals involved in the matter grasp the weight of the situation. Finally, call Roskell Davies. If these forms of dispute resolution do not work we will be able to help you rapidly resolve the problem via traditional litigation.

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